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Interlingo is based in Eindhoven: the smartest city in the Netherlands!  Within a few, concentrated square miles, high-tech firms are working hard on developing new technologies and pioneering innovations: from 3D printing, robotics and high-precision manufacturing to The Internet of Things and agri-food tech.  A jewel in the Dutch crown, this high-tech hub is recognised the world over, and sets the standard for our translations. That is: high-tech standard. 

As a high-tech firm, your business is constantly evolving.  Blink and you’ll miss something. Thinking far into the future is the norm in your world.  This makes translating for your business a complex task that you’ll bestow only upon the very best in the business.  You need people who ‘do language’ but who also have a finger on the technological pulse. 

Hightech vertalingen

The most special specialists and smartest smart technology

Interlingo has a team of expert translators.  As well as drawing on their own knowledge, our translators make use of smart translation memories that log your text, gathering more and more linguistic information on your tech with each translation we complete.  This shows in the ease with which we pick up your language style, the consistency of our texts and the quality of the final product.  Facilitated by and on behalf of high techs.

A sample of the material we translate for the high-tech industry:

  • Web content

  • Manuals

  • Product brochures

  • Product & material specifications

  • Legal, HR and financial documents

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