Interlingo takes a seat at the Strijp-T innovation table

If Brainport Eindhoven is the uncrowned king of the technical innovation regions, then Strijp-T is the royal residence. These renovated Philips factories are home to the creators, makers and innovators who perform at the global level of the high-tech sector.

Fantastic stuff for sure, but this comes as no surprise.

One thing most people do not know about Strijp-T is De Zaak: a collective of companies that supports and facilitates the work of all those tech giants and scale-ups. After all, genius ideas and technical expertise won’t make you a global player by themselves. High-tech companies need specialists who think constructively about financial issues, develop marketing campaigns and, also a crucial element, translate texts for international target markets.

It’s precisely for this reason that we at Interlingo are relocating to Strijp-T and joining De Zaak. By taking a seat at the innovation table of Dutch high-tech, we now have the opportunity to deliver our technical translation expertise just where it’s needed. And since we will soon literally be a stone’s throw from our most important target group, we can supply our services even more quickly and smoothly.

  • When: as of 29 July 2019
  • Where: Strijp-T, Eindhoven

Joël Sigling, Director of Interlingo: “David van Iersel of 24 uur in Bedrijf came up with the concept of De Zaak and he asked me if Interlingo would like to get on board. The idea immediately felt right. We specialise in technical translations, but we ourselves also utilise neural networks and AI in our Smart Translating method. So this fits seamlessly with the Strijp-T credo: “create – make – innovate”.

Smart Translating?

Curious to know what technical translation actually involves? The best way to find out is by reading our e-book: it unfolds our approach which you as high-tech company can use to get the perfect translation of all your texts.