High-tech translations

Eindhoven is the Netherlands’ brightest city. Within a relatively concentrated area, high-tech companies are working on new technologies and pioneering innovations. 3D-printing, robotics, high-precision manufacturing, Internet of Things, agrifood tech: it all starts here! But high-tech firms look beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Cue translation on a high-tech level.

Your high-tech business develops products of a cutting-edge nature. As a result, you find yourself in perpetual winds of change. Technology is continually evolving, and ‘new’ has a relatively quick expiry date. This can make any translation a complex matter for your company. Hence why we work with translators who specialise in high-tech; polyglots au fait with today’s technological developments.

We pair smart, expert translators with smart translation memories. We store everything we translate. This way, our knowledge of technology and terminology grows by the day. And you reap the benefits: from the speed at which we adopt your wording, to the consistency of our work. Not to mention its quality. There you have it; our high-ech for your high-tech!

Examples of things we translate for high-tech companies:

  • Web content
  • Manuals
  • Product brochures
  • Legal, HR and financial documents

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