Text types

The purpose of a user manual differs to that of web copy. A legal document and a corporate newsletter are worlds apart. That is why we use different people and different translation approaches for different purposes. Need a user manual updated in 10 languages? Then we’ll combine translation memories with artificial intelligence. Got a new website going live in 7 countries? Then we’ll use creative translators who understand your sector. Whatever it is you need, we have a fix.

Technical manuals

User instructions, operator manuals and maintenance guides are items we translate day in, day out. You can rely on us to know precisely which translator and what translation technology is required for your technical manual.

And because we save all our translations in our translation memory, we avoid duplicate work, saving you costs along the way.

Web copy

On a website, every word has an impact. The same applies to a website in another language. That’s why we have your website translated by creative translators with expert knowledge.

Not only do these linguists understand the ins and outs of your products, they also make your copy culturally specific to your overseas target audience. That way nothing is lost in translation, all the while increasing your reach.

Sales and marketing materials

Creative writing is an art. So is translating it. Whilst a literal translation of a sales or marketing brochure may produce accurate content, what it won’t achieve is the impact of the text’s original counterpart. This is why we work with translators who not only get the message of your text across, they get the context across as well.

As a result, your readers will never know they are reading a translation, and all of your texts – in all of your countries – will pack a very similar punch. We’ll even enlist a copywriter to make any final tweaks in the target language.

Press releases and newsletters

Good news deserves to be shared. Press releases or newsletters are ideal media for announcing new products or important industry developments to your target group.

These types of text need to be fluid and not translated too literally. We see to it that your press releases and newsletters read as though they were originally written in the target language, without digressing from the source text.

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