Smart translations for technical texts

Eindhoven is the epicentre of technological progress. Innovations are born here - within the walls of start-ups and scale-ups. We make it our business to promote these innovations. The only way to do so is by using the best translators. Translating words into another language is one thing; understanding what is actually being said is another. That in itself requires expertise.

We marry smart databases and smart machines with smart people. We call it Smart Translating. This new approach to translating produces error-free texts that clearly speak to your overseas audience at minimal cost.

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Text types

Many of our clients are technical professionals. But their work also involves marketing, online content and administration. Which is why we offer the whole package:

  • Technical manuals
  • Web copy
  • Press releases and newsletters
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Legal documents
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Translation projects are coordinated by our project managers,

who pick and choose just the right translator and translation technology for your business. This helps us to understand your language style and expertise even better over time.

Furthermore, the project manager will see to it that you meet your deadlines, however tight they may be.

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Our specialisms

We translate for anyone and everyone. But excel in the fields of:

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