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Technische teksten vertalen

The very first words we translated were for the technology sector.  Nowadays, we translate for all sectors.  But our connection with technology will always be strong.  Our client base today counts hundreds of tech firms – from SMEs to major industry names, such as VDL Groep, Stork, Vanderlande, Neways and NTS Group.  These companies have intentionally chosen to use our network of hundreds of expert translators:  professionals from all over the world with a knack for language and technology, and each with their own technical specialism. 

Au fait with any technology 

With our vast network, we know all there is to know about the technology sector.  We are as familiar with traditional metalworking and machine production as we are with innovative technology such as 3D printing, robotics and photonics.  Our base at Eindhoven’s Brainport – the technical hub of the Netherlands – is not coincidental.  And as modest as we are, dare we say it:  no other language agency in the country boasts the same level of technical know-how and experience as Interlingo.

Examples of the types of technical material we translate:

  • technical manuals and guides

  • product data and spec sheets

  • brochures

  • website and webshop copy

  • inspection reports

  • technical specifications.

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