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Financial translations

Translating financial texts represents our most specialist translation work.  Professionals in these fields are few and far between.  That’s why we count ourselves lucky to have the very best in this business.  We have a pool of experienced financial professionals from a whole range of financial translation specialisms. They know the complexities of your profession and translate very precisely to prevent anay misinterpretations of your text.

Each financial translator at Interlingo has their own financial specialties. With their language and subject knowledge, our financial translation specialists are indispensable to the international world of finance, such as banks and accounting firms, but also for many other companies in the Eindhoven region or far beyond. Among other things, we translate the following type of financial texts:

  • Annual reports

  • Other financial reports

  • Certified financial translations

  • Policies

  • Balance sheets

  • Contracts

  • Budgets

  • Economic analyses & articles

  • Prospectuses

  • KIIDs

Juridische en financiële teksten vertalen

You can rely on our quality and discretion

Financial documents often contain confidential information that you'd rather not just put in the mail. If so required, we provide you with sworn translations. In addition, we have all our translators sign a confidentiality agreement before they start work. We also work with data processing agreements that comply with the GDPR. That means that both our translations and the way we protect your sensitive information are watertight.

Interlingo: a financial translation company for virtually all language combinations

We provide financial translations from English into all of the languages listed below, and vice versa. Is your desired language combination not listed? Please contact us, because with our worldwide network we are sure to have the right translator for you.

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