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Every project has its own unique story.



At Interlingo we feel at home in many markets, which enables us to offer a wide range of services. These are often translations, but we also help businesses with transcreating their communication  into other languages and help write original copy. We find the perfect match for every project. To do this, we work with local translators and copywriters who are based around the world.

What makes our work so fascinating and fun is that every project has its own unique story. That's because of the people telling the story and what they ultimately want to achieve. To us it's more than just conveying words, it's about immersing ourselves in the people and their message to the world.

That way we can use our human expertise to add relevant value to the work we deliver. We'd like to share some of those stories with you. Meet our customers and read how Interlingo might be able to help you as a language partner as well.

Vertaalbureau Brabant

Frank Jochems

Marketing Strategist at TEUN:

“TEUN helps manufacturing companies bring their business practices to a higher level. We do this based on a sustainable B2B marketing approach. As we are specialists ourselves, we prefer working with specialist partners. Interlingo is a great example; they know their way around the manufacturing industry and that is reflected in the quality of their translations.

Our clients operate around the globe and premium translations can provide us with an edge when it comes to marketing their products. We know what to communicate, and Interlingo provides us with the perfect translation. On top of that, their people are friendly, flexible and customer-centric. So working with them is an excellent example of the benefits of synergy.​"

Vertaalbureau Brabant

“Interlingo helps clients of TEUN - Marketing Maakindustrie  with professional translations”

Vertaalbureau Brabant

Bart Koolen

Director Explose:

"When the team at Interlingo asked me to write a short piece about our collaboration, I didn't have to think for very long.


I went back through all my files and it dawned on me that Explose has been working with this professional translation agency already since 2011.That's 10 years... so it's only natural we refer to each other as “partners”. In all those years we have always appreciated the team's warm and personal contact with us. And what's more, the people at Interlingo really immerse themselves in a project, they work pragmatically, accurately and deliver outstanding translation work.


So I can confidently say that I hope to work even more intensively with them for the next 10 years."

Explose 1.jpg

“After 10 years, it's only natural that we refer to each other as partners”... 

Holla Advocaten.png

Ferry Weelen

Partner at Holla Advocaten:

Law firm Holla Advocaten has been very happy to use the translation services offered by Interlingo since the early 90s. Our partnership with Interlingo is of great importance to our ever growing international litigation practice. Their legal translations by native speakers are a perfect fit and meet the needs of the entrepreneurs we support. This applies not only to procedural documents such as summonses, but also to general terms and conditions, for example.


In legal and technical translations for our clients, it is all about nuance; an unfortunate choice of words or a wrong sentence order can give rise to disputes or liability. Companies who take themselves seriously realise they should not cut corners when it comes to translation, as they will understand the importance of quality translations.  Another plus about Interlingo is that their translators are always critical of the source texts we provide, and contact us if they encounter ambiguities or grammatical errors. In short, Interlingo is pro-active and critical and they always deliver their hiqh-quality translations on time.

Ferry Weelen.jpg

“In legal translation it’s all about nuance…”

Logo Marvu.jpg

Rens van Heesch

Sales Manager Marvu Foodprocessing Equipment

"Marvu has been working with Interlingo for a long time.

Among other things they produce the translations which accompany our machines.

They produce technically sound translations, resulting in high-quality work.


Ever since I started working for Marvu, I have always enjoyed our partnership with Interlingo. Flexibility and first-class service are key, as well as the quality I just mentioned!"


“They produce technically sound translations, resulting in high-quality work”... 


Translate. Communicate. Connect.

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