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Taking sustainability

Duurzame energie


Interlingo takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.  Not because it’s trendy.  But because we are truly committed to the world and people around us.  That’s why we consciously invest in our staff so that they can continue to develop personally and reach their full potential.

Sustainable ideas and actions

Sustainability is high on our agenda.  Our offices at Strijp-T are among the most energy-efficient in Eindhoven.  And we are just as green when it comes to mobility:  in 2019, we transitioned over to electric corporate vehicles.  What’s more, our cycling colleagues get the same mileage allowance as our car users. 

Image by Jason Ortego

Discount for sustainable clients

To add substance to our sustainability ambition, we reward clients who operate sustainably or are climate-neutral.  These clients will receive discounts on translation assignments they send our way.  Want to find out more?

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