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Commerce relies heavily on strategic documents, such as contracts, annual reports and financial reports.  Here, it’s all about the numbers and the small print.  These are details that can make all the difference – for better or worse.  That’s why punctual and accurate communication is the standard in these sectors.  Nothing can be left to chance; especially if you have operations overseas, too.

Financial and legal translations need to be literal, without any deviation from the original.  That’s why, at Interlingo, we use the best translators with a background in law or finance.  They combine their love of language with the knowledge that every comma counts.

Juridisch & financiële vertalingen

Quality and discretion guaranteed

Legal and financial materials contain confidential information you wouldn’t want to land on just anyone’s desk.  Where necessary, we provide sworn translations.  In addition, we have our translators sign non-disclosure agreements before they start work.  We also implement data processing agreements that comply with GDPR regulations.  That way, not only our translation but also our partnership with you is watertight.

We translate the following financial and legal documents:

  • procedural documents

  • deeds

  • contracts

  • annual reports

  • financial reports

  • prospectuses

  • data protection and GDPR-related texts.

Certified translations

In the Netherlands, there is an official procedure for producing certified translations (sworn translations). This procedure is explained in the below animation in Dutch with English subtitles.

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