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Interlingo, specialists in certified translation 

If you are looking for a sworn translation or certified translation of documents, you will find a sworn translator for every language at Interlingo. Our sworn translators will translate your documents with an official or legal status reliably and efficiently. From deeds and contracts to diplomas, certificates, wills and patents.

Request a quote  for certified translation?

Interlingo offers top-nodge quality at great rates. Request a quote and you will receive our quotation within 24 hours.

So what is certified or sworn translation?

Just to clear up a misunderstanding: many people think that a sworn translator is someone who has the right credentieal, ie has a certification of some sort. This is incorrect. A sworn translator is someone who is registered with the register of sworn translators and interpreters with the Dutch government. These translators have taken an oath, and only they may swear or certify translations. This is how a sworn translator certifies a translation:

  • The translator makes the translation based on the source document. When it is ready, the document is printed out.

  • The translator also makes sure the source document is printed out.

  • Then the translator signs a statement stating that the text has been translated truthfully.

  • These three documents are attached to each other and together form the sworn translation.

Did you know that a translation can be even more official, for example by adding an apostille or legalisation? See how this works in the video below (please choose English subtitles).

About Interlingo

Sworn translations are only a small part of what we do. Interlingo is a truly a full-service translation agency, where people make the difference, and where quality and on-time, quick delivery are self-evident. What truly distinguishes us from other agencies is the expertise of our people. Our people and their talent make the difference between good and excellent translations.

Translating any type of text

Our translators are scattered around the globe, each with their own specific knowledge about the local market and culture. This ensures the meaning and essence of the source text is translated perfectly in the target language. And not matter what specific domain you need a translation for, at Interlingo we always have the right language specialist.

Our specialist translation domains include:

Why choose Interlingo?

  • People make the difference

  • Quality is self-evident

  • We always keep our promises

  • We care for after each other and the planet

  • We are both flexible and fast

  • We deliver value-added communication

  • We are a Dutch to English translation agency, but handle countless other language combinations comfortably

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