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Audio & video vertalen

Translating audio and video requires not only language expertise but also the necessary technical know-how:  you need to be familiar with the technology, be in possession of the right software and know how to put all of the above together – whether it’s a corporate video, e-learning platform, podcast, subtitles or a voice over job.


At Interlingo, you’ll find all the language and technical ability you need for your application.  Our translations are always professional, and the technological processes seamless.  We have a database of experienced voice-over artists speaking a wide variety of languages, who will see to it that your audio or video files are recorded professionally in your language of choice. 

Synthetic voices

The quality of so-called synthetic voices or computer voices has recently improved significantly due to developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence. A nice example of how you can use a free of charge voice-over in another language is in the below Interlingo animation video on transcreation.


In this video we used a free-of -charge American computer voice to replace the original Dutch voice-over that was recorded by a human VO artist. This is to illustrate what you might expect when you go for synthetic voice, the quality of which keeps improving, and may for budget reasons be a suitable alternative to human voice. 

The original Dutch animation can be found here.  

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