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Translating involves much more than replacing one word with another. A translation is only a translation if it mirrors the source text, both in terms of form and content. This can only be achieved with an understanding of the subject matter and sophisticated use of language.  At Interlingo, we call this ‘translating for impact and engagement’: catching and keeping the reader’s attention and interest, word by word, just like in the original text.

The science of translation

Our talent for translation began in 1994, in the technical sector.  We still work on technical texts to this day, having since also learned to speak the lingo of pretty much all other sectors: from manufacturing, high tech and retail to marketing & advertising, legal & financial and everything in between.  With this breadth of experience, we have translated for all media, including large productions such as manuals, magazines, books and websites as well as shorter texts, including brochures, newsletters, ads and social media.

Teksten vertalen

Experts in your sector

All of our translations are the work of a strong team of experts: experienced translators who make use of smart translation technology.  Our technological resources mean that we can serve you quickly and competitively, whilst our human resources promise impact and engagement.  The result? 
A translation that speaks directly to your target group.

Meet our team of translators and project managers, here.

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