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Retailers utilise communication tools to promote their offerings on a daily basis.  And every word counts if they are to be heard among the cacophony of commercial noise.  This applies for product descriptions.  But also (and especially) for creative marketing content.  You want original texts crafted by a copywriter who has meticulously selected every last word.  Literal translations don’t cut it here.  That’s why we call on creative translators to refine the text by adding just the right cultural and emotional resonance.

Retail vertaalbureau

Creative translation through transcreation

Interlingo boasts creative translators for all sectors: from food, children’s products and beauty to promotional gifts, IT and electronics.  They understand the art of localisation – and where relevant, hyper-localisation.  We call this transcreation. Naturally, we mindfully select a translator who has knowledge of your sector and product or service.  In short:  a specialist who speaks the language of your market and target group. 

We translate all kinds of retail materials, including:

  • website and webshop copy

  • newsletters

  • sales literature

  • advertising materials

  • product brochures

  • advertising copy.

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