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Your website is the face of your brand; the platform through which many will first come into contact with your business. It is where they find out who you are, what you do and why they should pick you.  Investments in effective online communication therefore very quickly pay for themselves. The translations of your web copy are no exception. Hit the right tone with overseas visitors and they will engage; hit the wrong one and the bounce rates will speak for themselves. What's more, we also take care of your multilingual SEO, so that the hard work you put in to attract customers at home, is not wasted when you try to sell online overseas.

Webteksten vertalen

Technical and practical relief

Website translations are often thought of as straightforward:  the copy is taken out of the CMS, pasted into Word, translated and then put back again.  Consequently, copy ends up in the wrong place on the site, links get lost and the translated website far from resembles the original:  a waste of time and money that’s led to nothing but a drop in communication.   This is exactly why we utilise smart API technology that acts as a link between your website’s CMS and our translation environment.  You tell us what needs translating, we take care of the rest.  Plus, we guarantee the quality, layout and integrity of all links. 

The below video (currently only available in Dutch) explains how this works.

Online translations for your mission

The challenge with online translations lies in the diversity of web content – it encompasses all sorts.  From product descriptions and your corporate story right down to your values and mission.  Thanks to our vast network, there will always be someone with the right translation niche for your business;  someone with whom your brand identity and target group resonate and someone who knows how to write for the web.  

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