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All-round language expert Interlingo opens doors to new worlds.


As a translation agency, we have been connecting people across the globe and in all kinds of sectors since 1994.  Now, 27 years on, we find ourselves at the dawn of a new era and ready to venture further:  Interlingo is enhancing its existing core translation service with complementary activities such as copywriting, transcreation, editing and interpreting, among others, as the agency becomes a one-stop-shop for language services.


The move is a result of the steady growth we have experienced since 1994.  Since our founding, we have continued to enter new sector after new sector: starting out in the manufacturing industry, we subsequently moved into the commercial sector and have since branched out into high-tech, retail, marketing & advertising, travel & tourism and legal & financial services.

Human expertise and sophisticated machine translation

Today, we speak the language of almost any sector.  Our expertise comes in the form of a vast network of professional linguists, supported by sophisticated translation technology.  In recent years, this technology has come on leaps and bounds, shedding its previously negative image. We utilise these valuable technological tools to enable our experts to excel and in order to serve our clients better, faster and at more competitive rates.  Nonetheless, however smart these innovations may be, at Interlingo, it is always the people who make the difference:  language experts who know your industry and are closely attuned to your target audience.


All-round language specialist

Our people always have been – and always will be – our USP.  This goes for our translations as well as for our latest language service offering, which includes the likes of copywriting, editing, revision and interpreting.  You can rely on the linguistic flair, creativity and sound judgement of our specialists to create effective communication and engagement.  No matter how niche, technical or complex your material is, you’ll always find the right language professional at Interlingo.

New corporate identity and website

As an all-round service provider, we like to nurture what we know.  But we also like to explore the unknown.  Which is why we are moving forward under a new corporate ID and website.  We’d like to invite you to explore our offering in full. Or – even better – come and meet us in person to discuss your language requirements.  We simply cannot say it often enough:  here at Interlingo, we are all about human connection.

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